Sunday 6 June 2010

Art Journaling 301

So having decided to look at what I had already subscribed to with Dina Wakley, I found that although I already had AJ101 and AJ201, she has brought out AJ102 and AJ301. You may have noticed from earlier blogs that I am somewhat addicted to online courses and so of course I had to buy the two courses I hadn't got!!!!!

This time however I was really hooked by AJ301. This is starting an Art Journal from scratch. So for the past few days that's what I've been doing. Just in case I didn't like what I was making I used quite cheap paper which it turned out was not such a good idea! (Keep reading to find out why!)

I tried to stick closely to what Dina was saying in her videos and pdf classes but happily I did wander off a bit - used Distress Inks instead of paint - and have ended up with something similar but not exactly the same. However I've learned a great new technique and when I have the time I shall have another go with other colours and motifs.

The idea was to write my own thoughts and feelings in this journal but I was in a hurry to finish it so instead I used some Unity stamps - Brave Girl - and a set called Quote Bundle, which I bought from Make the Day Special.    The Brave Girl stamps are designed by the same people who have the Brave Girls Club website and send daily emails that are absolutely great.

The difficulty with using cheap paper came when I was sewing the book together.  The spines (or signatures) ripped really easily.   So I will have another go but with better paper.

My reason for getting this finished quickly is that I found a really cheap flight to Florida so I am off on Wednesday for a week to stay with friends.


  1. Bernice, love your journal pages - did you manage to get the Brave Girl stamps here in the UK? I've followed the links on their website to a US source but wondered if anyone did them over here???

  2. I love this book Bernice!It is so gorgeous how could you not want to use it! I have been looking at those stamps but I hate buying something without seeing it in person and they are a bit pricey, but totally cute!


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