Sunday 6 June 2010

Lots of craftyness

I can't believe it's over 3 weeks since I last blogged!   I've done such a lot in that time.  Woohoo!

Roger needed to go to Harrogate to a conference on Carbon Capture (don't ask!) and I went with him.  He was able to have the day off either side of the conference so we drove up to Harrogate and visited Harlow Carr Gardens.  

We also drove up Nidderdale and across the moors and round to Malham. We walked up to Malham Cove and up the very steep steps to the Limestone Pavement. We didn't get to Malham until 5.30ish so we got to see this fantastic place on our own.

When Roger was at his conference I was able to go to a workshop at Art From The Heart. I had been wanting to go there for ages and it was great that Dyan was doing a workshop on that date.

Learning how to use Dyan's Downloads!

Later that day we went to Ripon and then drove towards York.  We found a fantastic B&B.   On the Wednesday we walked round York, went on a river trip and visited the Jorvik Museum.    In the late afternoon we went to Beningborough Hall and then drove home.

I loved learning the techniques that Dyan showed us and her designs are beautiful.  As I discussed with her on the day, my problem is that my work is a poor copy of her excellent work and what I need to do is find out what my style is using the techniques I've learned.  I think this is true of all the workshops I've been on with Anneliese and when I've used the Tim Holtz videos as inspiration.

I started to have a look at this ~ using the downloads agin but trying different colours

I haven't really got very far with this - in fact haven't yet strayed very far from Dyan's inspiration.   I got side-tracked!!   Dyan advertised that Dina Wakley was coming to AFTH to teach Art Journaling.   I decided I couldn't afford to go to Harrogate for 3 days especially as I am already booked into a 2 day workshop at the NEC in August.   Then it dawned on me that I had already subscribed to some online courses with DIna which I hadn't finished so perhaps I could finish those instead.........

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