Tuesday 7 February 2012

Letter Love

I have started a new online class with Joanne Sharpe called Letter Love 101.

It called for the use of a composition notebook and I had just the one.  When I was last in Florida, Laleina (my daughter-in-law's niece) asked her Mum to buy me this:

And when I had coloured it in:

So it is just the right notebook for practising lettering in.

First of all I gathered together all the black pens that I have:
I've still had to order some more because I don't have any Copic pens.

Here are some of the exercises using the pens:


  1. beautiful Bernice - I'm taking that class too! I'm also taking a live drawing class so haven't started that one yet.

  2. I'm awestruck by just how many black pens you have!

    I'm also extremely jealous of your wonderful lettering.

  3. What a brilliant idea - and I thought I had a lot of pens!!!
    Also love your woven effect calendar page - missed that post!


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