Friday 24 August 2012

Celebrating UK Artists 7: Kirsty Wiseman

Welcome to the seventh interview celebrating the talents of British artists in the field of scrapbooking, photography, mixed-media, art journaling, feltmaking and quilting.  Some names you may know and some may not be so familiar but they are all hugely talented.

*Brief Bio
Since my mum bought me my first “things to make” kit at the age of 6, I’ve been constantly fidgeting with and fashioning bits of paper and fabric.  I even used to make my own Sindy clothes from loo roll and sweet papers.  This incessant urge to create is still with me, I don’ think I shall ever tire of it.

I enjoy most paper craft projects but my sole love is scrapbooking.  Combined with a real passion for photography, it’s a pastime I will always enjoy

*Who or what are your creative influences?  And why?
Colour combinations and pretty photos inspire me.  I'm a devil when it comes to buying patterned paper JUST because its so pretty.

*What is your preferred medium of creativity?   What appeals to you about this?
Although scrapbooking is my one true love, I'm not averse to getting inky and messy – but it has to be a controlled mess……. I'm OCD with untidiness
*What other areas of creativity do you dabble in?
I'm particularly fond of digital art and creating graphics.  I can do that on my knee whilst watching TV with the family.

*What is one of your earliest creative memories?
Besides receiving my make and do kit at 6 years old, I clearly remember making a little land out of objects from around the house.  The road laid out with pegs, books turned into houses, washing lines made with cocktails sticks and cotton, toilet roll tubes to make tunnels, cotton wool to make clouds.  I loved building that only for my brother to trample all over my masterpiece!

*Pablo Picasso said: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”   How did you find this transition worked in your life?
I think you are born an artist.  Some choose to allow it to consume them.  Rather like it consumes me.

*How did you find your creative style?
I can’t quite pinpoint what my style is although friends of mine will know a piece of my “work” if they see it.  I say that they know its one of my layouts because it would either feature my daughter or my dog!
*What activity do you use to jumpstart your creativity?
I usually create at the end of any day, just to wind down.  I can go for a full on art journal session or simply make a quick card from scraps and leftovers.

*Describe your style in using 5 different words.  Share your thoughts about these words.
Bright – I love bright colours and use them most
Happy – colours reflect a mood and they are generally happy
Graphic – I like to follow design principles
Pretty – I like an element of “girly” in a project
Textured – the more layers and objects to “touch”, the better.

*Which is your favourite technique?
I love layering most followed by misting and ink splatting
*Favourite quote(s)?
I have a million inspiring quotes that I have on my pinboard at Pinterest but my most favourite one right now is
“Im not fat.  Its just my awesomeness swelling up inside”
*Where to find Kirsty

Sorry about the lack of photos this week.

If you were able to ask Kirsty anything what would you ask?  Please add your question to the comments below.

See you next Friday for an interview with Hels Sheridan.