Friday 26 October 2012

My Attitude of Gratitude Journal

As you know throughout November on An Attitude of Gratitude Journal blog there's a daily post with prompts and inspiration for building up a Gratitude Journal.

On this blog, Newly Creative, I will be showing how I made my pages based on the daily blog posts.

And to start: the Journal.

I have many store bought sketchbooks and a new Dylusions Journal but for this I decided I would make my own.

I gathered together watercolour paper, manila card, tore some cartridge paper out of a sketchbook, and looked through my scrapbooking stash and found a piece of Kraft cardstock, a piece of Tim Holtz Kraft Resist and a piece of black Bazzill.  I don't know whether the black will actually make it to the journal, but I have plenty of stash to replace it.   I also pulled out 2 A3 sheets of cartridge paper.

I cut all the paper down to 10" by 7.5"

You may have noticed that there's something wrong with my maths in the photo above. 1+2+4+4+1+1=13 not 15!  I added another 2 sheets of watercolour paper!

The very large sheets of paper are very important if you are going to use my method to make a journal.  It can be watercolour paper or lining paper.  You could use the brown paper for parcels using it with the shiny side down. But don't use very thin, absorbent paper as it won't cope with what you will be using it for.

I also found a piece of cotton muslin to use as a paint rag.  I borrowed this idea from Roben-Marie Smith who uses a muslin cloth to mop up paint and ink as she goes along.  At the end you have a piece of cloth that matches your projectand you can use as fabric pieces, make into your cover or tear up as pieces of 'ribbon'.  I got the idea of using the large sheets of paper from her too.

I have decided that my pages will each have the Bible verse that's provided for each day.  So I put all the verses into a document and printed them off on Prima paper.

I'll provide a PDF for all the Bible verses and a PDF for all the quotes next week for you to download.

I haven't made the covers yet.  I'm going to do that at the end.  You will need to pieces of greyboard or the cardboard from the back of sketchpads cut to 10.25" by 7.75" if you want to get them ready.   I shall be punching holes in mine to put book rings but if you have access to a Bind-It-All you could use that.

Looking forward to sharing my pages with you from Thursday November 1st.



  1. Looking forward to seeing your pages

  2. thanks for leading us in this, so looking forward to giving Thanks to our Creator for all He had given us! LOVE across the pond

  3. I really want to thank you for doing this! I've been watching Christy Tomlinson and Donna Downey videos as they do art journals and I've been itching to make one..but didn't want to make one for no reason. I have also been searching for Christians who do art journals who I can learn from. I am so glad I stumbled across your gratitude blog, a gratitude journal is perfect for this time in my life! God bless you!


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