Thursday 11 October 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today on An Attitude of Gratitude Challenge Blog I have posted about some different types of art journals that you might make for your Gratitude Journal.

There's also a video about one of the ways to make a journal.

Do come over to the Blog to find out more.

Thanks for popping by today.



  1. Lovely, lovely cover - popping over!

  2. Hello Bernice, I stopped by from Kat's Find Your Eye class to get to know some of my classmates. This looks like a wonderfully creative blog (that star paper above is delightful), I'll enjoy exploring it further.

    Look forward to working (or playing?) alongside you too.

  3. Hi dear Bernice I'm also a follower from Kat's ecourse. you have an inspiring blog, you should definitely make it your photojournal. see you on Sunday :) xxo


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