Friday 29 November 2013

Gratitude Journal: Day 29

If you want to join in with making an Attitude of Gratitude Journal through the month of November click through to the Challenge blog.

Here on this blog I am going to share how I made the page for today's prompt on Reflection.

Today's art challenge was to use one of the techniques using water based media.

I used Inktense bars but I could have use watercolour crayons or NeoColor II to get the same effect.  I scribbled over the page.

With a very wet brush I swooshed water over the page blending the colours together.

With  a damp brush I brushed paint from the Inktense bar through the stencil on parts of the page.

I stamped the title using DIstress Ink.

Then I coloured over the stamping with a silver pen and outlined it in black.

I wrote my journaling along two sides of the page.

I felt there was too big an empty space so I added some washi tape.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I left you a long message but I must have forgotten to hit Publish! (I'm very tired!) This is just beautiful.I love the colors and you're right, the washi tape completes it. I've never done this before, so it was very helpful that you explained each step. The quotes are really good (and I totally identify with what you journaled....). This is really a beautiful page!

  2. Sorry - I forgot to ask you what stencil you used. It really gives the page a great look. Thanks!

    1. I think it's a Carolyn Dube stencil from StencilGirl

  3. great page and tutorial Bernie, thank you.

    I normally have a pack of watercolour pencils or crayons in my church bag with my journal and a waterbrush. It's a nice relatively mess free way of painting my journal during a service etc.

    I've not tried inktense before, and those are definitely wonderfully vibrant colours. Brushing watercolours through a stencil like that is new to me too. Thank you for sharing.


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