Monday 13 January 2014

Mapping 2014 Artfully

I love maps.  Jill Berry put a call out for arty cartophiles to take part in a blog hop and how could I not take part.

At the time I was thinking about choosing my one word for 2014 which as you know is PARTICIPATE.  So of course I'm going to map my 2014 and participate in the blog hop.

First of all, I taped down some lining wallpaper and used gesso, grunge paste and puff paint through various map stencils.

I used diluted PaperArtsy Fresco Finish acrylic paint in two colours over the stencilling.

When they were dry I cut them up.

This year I am doing a couple of quilting courses and knew that I wanted to piece the stencilled pieces together and add some stitching or faux stitching.   I had a canvas that I had used on a course a few years ago which I have never liked and decided I would use this as the base for my map.

I glued an old map onto the canvas.  I glued down the stencilled pieces and various images to do with the creative courses I am signed up for in 2014, plus the challenge blog I will be running.

I added some tissue tape months of the year and some other washi tape.  I stamped the date, the paint brushes and the compass with Archival Ink.

I added the word Participate.  At this point it still looked like a collage rather than a map.  I asked for some advice from Carolyn and Mary.

I used 2 different narrow washi tapes around the edge of the canvas to look like the edges of a map.  I added some faux cross stitch and some faux double running stitch to look like tracks.  I stamped words on to identify the areas I will be travelling to.

To see how other people interpreted the challenge go to the master list and hop from there.

Thank you for stopping by


  1. Bernice, I hope this was as fun to do as it was to watch and read about! I imagine you looking at this and being inspired and empowered by it, I can feel that! Thanks for joining this great group.

  2. I loved seeing the process as well as the final map. So many intriguing tidbits. The textures and layers are fabulous.

  3. Oooohhhhh! I love all of the texture!!!!

  4. What a complex piece! Thank you for explaining the process. I too love the layering and textures.

  5. I love that you shared all the step outs. The texture you got with the stencils is great. Wonderful and thoughtful map!

  6. This is so layered and complex. I'll bet that canvas has just been waiting for a chance to shine like this.

  7. Bernice, you know I think this is fabulous! Love your layers and seeing your process! Turned out great!!!

  8. Great piece Bernice. I love the layers, the texture, well, everything about it!!!

  9. Great idea, love what you've made x

  10. Wonderful map! I love the textures and layering!!

  11. Wow - this is fantastic visually and has so much meaning. I love it. Can't wait to see what challlenges you have planned for this year.


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