Thursday 9 April 2015

Logos 365: my one word

I have discovered that I haven't shared my one word pages with you.  To be honest it's not a senior moment in terms of blogging - it's that I didn't do the pages.

My only post has been this one where I changed my mind about how I am using my journal.  And even then I only showed you 2 of the 4 pages.

So what did I put on the inside of the flap?  The prompt suggested writing 5 goals for the year.  I had seen a great doodle on Pinterest which I printed out.  I found a stencil and a pot to draw round and drew 5 large circles for the 5 goals.

I drew over the pencil lines with black pen.

And then started filling in the spaces.

And filling!

Until the whole page was done.  I scribbled some blue with a Neocolor II watercolour crayon.

I spread the colour across the circles with a wet brush.  I added 3 goals.  The 4th one was added quite recently and I haven't set the 5th one.  And to be honest I haven't done anything about goals 1 & 2.

A lady I know on Facebook sent me this image which I printed out and stuck in my journal.

Here are the pages together.

And here are the 3 together.

So there's my response to the January prompts for Logos365 at His Kingdom Come.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I love the way you used the third page with the circles which are similar to tnageling. I may try that on a page for something but not fill the whole page out and use it for a type of frame and then use a picture for the middle. I have some really old pictures and vintage stuff I could put in. But I love the 3 pages!! It's so much fun to just create as you go without a definite plan. God Bless!! Oh, I've only done 2 pages on my little journal for Logos or was it 1?? Not sure, I keep practicing on stuff and it seems I' behind.m getting further and further.

  2. I love the idea of using completely circles to decorate a page Bernice, it looks really effective!

  3. Well I just like the whole dang thing!!!!


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