Monday 30 May 2016

Being Busy updates and an announcement

In my last post I promised I would update you on how I was getting on with some other classes and workshops I'm doing or getting behind with.  It is a very long post but please stick with it.  Or just scroll down to the bottom for the announcement.

Firstly One Little Word and Documented Life.  I have been combining these and really not enjoying it.  I haven't totally given myself to the Unplanner which has weekly art journaling type suggestions.  I really only kept a 'diary' of what I had been doing.  So as a result of Pathfinder - more on that later - I decided to discontinue the Unplanner in its previous form. I also decided not to continue with the I am tags.

I decided to keep track of what I do each day on the calendar on the back of each monthly divider and concentrate on One Little Word.  In April I went to Florida to attend a Ladies Getaway and I stuck the programme cover onto the April divider.

I filled in a key activity from each day on the calendar.  April's OLW task was to define what life was like with more of your word in it.  I attended Pathfinder right at the end of April so I have only just completed this task.

I was trying to exercise every day but that didn't always happen.  The photo on the May divider is of Lacock Abbey.  We went to stay at a B&B in Lacock for our wedding anniversary.  We didn't stay in the Abbey!  However the B&B was absolutely five star.

I signed up for an online class Art & Spirituality because it has been written by someone I know.  It is excellent but requires a daily commitment each week.  As we went away at the beginning of week 2 I got behind.  Still I can keep all the PDFs and do the course when I have time.

So on to Pathfinder.  This was an excellent day with Anneliese Bates.  I've done art workshops with Anneliese before but nothing like Pathfinder.  She provided us with an A5 sketchbook and we coloured the backgrounds however we wanted and then she asked questions.

The class was described thus:  This workshop is aimed at anyone who doesn't know what direction they really want to take, whether you have a new business idea, thinking of a big life change, a change in career or even moving home, Anneliese will guide you through the thought process step by step, interspersing it with art for which you need no experience.

Included in the workshop is a journal that will be become your working thought process, beautifully decorated and personalised with your own artwork and full of your thoughts, dreams and how to make those become a reality.

We will explore the changes you want to bring about, the things that are stopping you, and ways to overcome the obstacles.

I had gone with the idea of looking at whether I should stick with art journaling or concentrate on textile art or do both.  A somewhat simplistic idea in the light of what happened.

The first question was what were you unhappy with in life at the moment and what did you want to change.  I did add a couple of things to my answer.

Anneliese continued to ask questions and we continued to write down our personal answers.  The best part was as there weren't many of us that we were able to ask questions and make comments.  Discussions ensued which helped clarify our thoughts.

Here is a really key page.

When I got home I wrote down all that I had signed up for!  No wonder my head hurt holding all that information in my head.  I went through the list and decided which ones I should stay committed to, which ones I should give up on entirely and those that I had online lifetime access to and could do when I have time.  I have also withdrawn from the Cas Holmes weekend workshop.

This was a really useful page that I did at home.  Some of what is written here came out of the discussions we had on the day.

However you know me, I ignored my own advice about not signing up for anything else and enrolled on a 9 weekend course called Experimental Textiles led by Kim Thittichai which starts in June!

We had also talked about decluttering.  We had loads of boxes of my Dad's stuff in the conservatory - they had been there 2-3 years.  I had made a half-hearted effort to get them sold at an auction but had kept putting it off.  We also had over 300 owls that Andy collected as a child and other collections of stuff.  And stuff it is.  However I emailed a different auction house who accepted everything I listed and we took it all to them - 18 boxes of stuff.  They are sorting it into lots and it will all be put in an auction either in June or July.  Result!

Just as I was sorting out the boxes of stuff to take to the auction house this article popped up on my Facebook newsfeed.     How to declutter and let go of family treasures

I thought this was excellent from that article.
  • Memories take up space in our hearts; stuff takes up space in our homes.
  • Memories last forever; stuff breaks, gets lost, and fades away.
  • Memories bring joy; stuff brings stress.
  • Memories are honoring; stuff is diminishing.
  • Memories bring peace; stuff brings chaos.
  • Memories actually matter; stuff really doesn’t matter at all.
I feel much more in control of what I am doing although there is still much to work through.

Well done, if you're still here having waded through this post.  And now for the big announcement.

Drumroll please!

This is my 998th blog post.  Wednesday will see my 999th.  And on Friday we will celebrate
1000 with a giveaway.

See you on Friday.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Another brilliant blogpost, Bernice. I struggle with having signed up for too many courses etc and feeling guilty at having so many unfinished projects. Your blog gives me hope and ideas how to sort myself out. Best of all I know I'm not alone. Thanks once again Bernice.

  2. Bernice, this is smart and brave of you to de-clutter your life and realize you were taking on too much. I really like how you examined your reasons for signing up for so many classes. I have several online classes, sitting dormant too. It is sometimes tough to ignore all of the wonderful sales on other classes I am interested, but I have determined to complete the ones I already have before adding even one more. Hopefully I can stick to that resolve.

    Congrats on nearly reaching 1000 blog posts.


  3. We have come to the same place in time with similar results. I LOVE taking classes and take those that give me more information about things I like to do. BUT, I've taken so many that I don't ever DO what I learned - just hop onto the next class and learn some more - much of which I forget since I don't DO anything with it. I have decided to reduce the classes to only a few and am so much happier with my time now. I do have certain blogs I still follow but have reduce there also - too much time in the morning killed by reading what others are DOING. I love the chart of memories verses stuff and have rewritten in very nicely to hang up over my desk so I remember all these good intentions. Thanks for a great post today- well worth my time this morning.

  4. You have really done some soul searching! Good stuff. And congratulations on almost 1000 blog posts!

  5. Wow. This was really honest Bernice. Thankyou for sharing your process and struggles. There are so many aspects of this blog post I can relate to. Nevertheless all presented so creatively!


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