Wednesday 7 September 2016

Glimpses of Jesus 36

Glimpses of Jesus in the Old Testament is a year long bible study written by Simon Clay of Jubilee Church Solihull.   You can join in at any time.

Today's post is the start of a series on the Servant Songs in Isaiah.

I found it quite hard to think of a creative response to the first post but in the end decided to make an acrostic based on the word SERVANT.

The next page in my journal looked like this from where I had cleaned a stencil off into the book.

I decided to put a wash of blue watercolour paint over the page and put crinkled clingfilm on the top and waited for it to dry.

The result was better than I expected.

I put washi tape around the edges to form a border.

I found some letters I liked and tested them by putting them on the ruler to see if they would fit the page.

 I wrote the rest of the word for each letter.  I chose words that I felt represent Jesus and his character.

Do have a look back through the posts on the Glimpses of Jesus blog where you will find links to other people's art and poetry.

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