Friday 5 May 2017

Dyary time

This year Dyan Reaveley introduce a new line of products - The Creative Dyary Collection.  I pre-ordered some of the products and fortunately they arrived by the end of February so that I could start my Dyary on March 1st.

I started by checking out Dyan's blog and looking at what I had done with Documented Life Planner.  Fortunately manufacturers have now starting producing narrow washi tape.  In 2014 I had to slice the standard tape into 3 to use as dividing lines. 

The dyary comes with some of Dyan's artwork on the right hand page and I thought that this would make it easier to journal with.  But in fact I have found it just as difficult as having a blank page.

Then I got busy and didn't have time to keep up with the pages.  However it was still on my mind as whilst I was in the States I bought more washi tape and some pads of stickers.

I spent a couple of days last week catching up with all the pages.


 Currently I'm leaving the bird page as a black and white drawing but I may come back to colour it in.

I am pleased with my left hand pages.  It's a great record of what I've been up to and possibly makes my life look rather more exciting than it really is!  I don't love the right hand pages but now that I'm up to date I want to investigate how I can make the pages more my own.

Have a look at Dyan's new blog post.

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