Friday 26 May 2017

So many ideas

I have so many ideas going around in my head for textile and mixed media pieces.  And as ever I am over-thinking them rather than actually doing anything with the ideas.

I started on this piece of cloth when I was at Studio 11 for the mentoring days with Christine.

I had some Thermofax screens made of some drawings and marks I made of chains.  I used fabric paint through the screens.

The print on the bottom right of the fabric didn't work very well.  It was supposed to look like a pile of chains.

I decided to tear off the offending section!

With a small brush I wet the inks that are on the fabric and lightly moved them to fill in the whitish gaps in the calico.

Then using black and then brown ink I wrote on the fabric.  Firstly 'break the chains that bind' in black and then 'He has broken the chains' in brown.

I worked on it the way it is above because the lines looked like prison bars and the chains are dropping down on the right.   It looks like this the other way up.

And now I'm stuck.  The choices are to stitch side to side on the upward lines of blue/black, stitch around the chain links or stitch the writing. Or any combination of the 3 or all of them.

I also have in mind to make felt chain as a separate piece but now I'm wondering about making the felt chain links so they drop from the broken links on the right onto the floor where there are bits of chain.

Choices! Choices!

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  1. Great ideas there Bernice. I love the sentiment too. Perhaps do some samples of the stitching and then decide?

  2. I agree that you perhaps need samples to help figure out a way ahead.. remember they don't need to be complete that is, stop when you know 'yes that is right' or 'no that is wrong' but the samples might help clarify what to highlight so to speak! Loving what you have done!


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