Tuesday 16 January 2018

Another journal update

Our Everyday Journals - Living Your Word of the Year group on Facebook is going from strength to strength.  A lovely bunch of people who are very supportive of each other.

These are my pages for the last week.

I found a picture of the Canterbury Bells online and printed them out and cut round them and stuck them in my book.  I did consider trying to draw them myself but as you can see I didn't!

I shall probably put some more quotes in next month.

You can see how Mary and Valeire are getting on with their journals on their blogs.
Mary: Found on Brighton
Valerie: Valerie Sjodin

Thanks for joining me today.


  1. It's nice to do things with others

  2. You are digging into so much in your journal! I love how you have used different colors of ink to write with. It makes simply writing into art!


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