Tuesday 5 June 2018

Alll about May

The month of May has gone past all too quickly.  My EveryDay Journal was mostly ignored and I never got into the theme that we had proposed to the Facebook group.

Here's the monthly calendar.

I have been contemplating whether to change my Word of the Year from Gratitude to Joy.  We had a visiting speaker at church who spoke on The Importance of Joy.  This is the page of notes that I made afterwards.

For our wedding anniversary we had spent a couple of days away and I had done this double page journaling as soon as we got back.

On the first day of June I went through my journal to finish off May.   I had left blank pages to use for artwork based on the them of the Holy Spirit, but as I said earlier I had not done anything.  So I went back through the information on the to-do pages and printed out photos of the textile work I had been doing that week.

I wrote a blog post for the church blog which hasn't been published yet so I have hidden it in this photo.  I put a copy in my journal to remind me to act on the challenge I have set in the blog post!

And here is the monthly page for June.  It's a piece of scrapbook paper that I have been stroking for a long time and thought I really ought to use.

Thanks for joining me today.

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  1. Wow, you filled a lot of pages! I love them! I like how you captured your anniversary trip. :)


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