Tuesday 10 July 2018

Missing inaction

Spot what I did there!  In the blog title!  The phrase should be 'missing in action'.  I have been missing from my blog but no action!  In fact, lots of inaction.  On June 8th I fell flat on my face and broke two fingers on my right hand.  I have spent the time since having various hospital and dental appointments and my hand has been trussed up like this:

It meant that I had to cancel virtually all of the workshops I was intending to be at including a three day class with Cas Holmes.   I have spent four weeks sitting resting and being waited on.  Thank goodness for Kindle Unlimited.

I decided that I would attend a planned two day workshop on colour organised by Textile Explorations.   Even if I only sat and listened!

Please bear in mind that I took the photos with my left hand!

Julia Triston was teaching the workshop.  We started by talking about colour and then naming as many colours of green that we could think of.   Then we had to paint 6 of the colours from memory.

Julia laid out all our squares and it was fascinating to see how we each perceive colour and also the difference different media makes.

Then we moved on to making true primaries with whatever media we had brought with us.

We talked about warm and cool colours and made collages from torn magazine papers.

There were more exercises to do from these collages but I didn't manage to get them done.  And I was pretty exhausted having got this far.

Next day we looked at the proportion of colours in an image of our choosing.  Then Julia suggested we did a thread wrapping of those proportions but I did mine with paint chips instead.  Fortunately Julia helped me with the cutting and sticking.

Then we made a collage in the exact proportions of the original image.

At this point I should have continued with an exercise in fabric but stopped.  I was pleased that I managed as much as I did.

I hope to finish the exercises once I have the use of my right hand.  And I will return to regular blog posts.  Typing with my left hand only is tiring and laborious.

Thanks for joining me today.


  1. It looks a really good day with Julia Triston and something I would have enjoyed - glad you were able to go Bernice. I like how you co-ordinated the colours to your photo and everyone compared their green. It looks interesting and a good way to learn. Hope your hand is recovering well and that you will soon have full use of it again.

  2. Glad you made Julia's workshop..a good look at colour and we do indeed have our own perception about colour.

  3. Love that you shared this workshop - even tho it was an abbreviated version. Love the colors in your final collage. So-o-o sorry you had to miss the Cas Holmes workshop - if I ever had that opportunity, it would just about kill me to miss it. I'm tapping fingers, waiting for her new book!

  4. This exploration of colours is inspiring. Thanks for sharing your workshop journey Bernice. Kt


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