Saturday 29 September 2018

Everyday Journal update

Continuing on from my last blog post, here is August.

The background for this page is a photo of some of the fabric I made at Committed to Cloth.

I was booked into a Breakdown Printing & Colour Families workshop at Committed to Cloth.  As I was still unable to drive Roger drove me there and went walking each day.  Unfortunately for him it was some of the hottest days of the summer so he had to choose walks that would enable him to stay out of the sun as much as possible.

Meanwhile I was having lots of fun at the C2C studio.  I had gone prepared to have to sit and listen if I couldn't actually do the tasks.  However Lesley had prepared amazing handouts and any notes I needed to take I made on my iPad as whilst I couldn't write properly I could type.  I'll do another blog post about the workshop.

On Saturday 11th August I made my first solo outing.   I went on the bus to the NEC to the Festival of Quilts. I didn’t bother to take my camera as I was going to use my phone. However I left my phone at home as well. Dia & Cath took the photos for me. I met up with Helen for a coffee and went round some of the exhibitions with her. We also had lunch together.  I left early in the afternoon as tiredness set in and I knew I would have to walk from the bus station to home.

The main reason for taking photos during the past months is to record even the smallest of progress.  One of the Hand Therapists said it was a good idea to be able to see the progress.  This week there were three firsts.  I managed to hold a cup of coffee in my right hand, I managed to iron the washed cloth from the previous week and I used scissors.  The fingers still weren't bending properly but strength was returning to my hand.

I had an appointment with the Consultant and the Hand Clinic.  I have been so impressed with the staff at the QE and their dedication to get my hand back to normal.   Another first this week - I used a knife and fork rather than just a fork to eat my dinner.

I have been able to sew using both the machine and some hand stitching.

Sadly I've run out of the days of the week washi tape.  I have some on order but it's taking forever to arrive from Canada.  So I shall save sharing September with you until next month.

Thanks for joining me today

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  1. You take the most interesting courses! Good to see the gradual improvement in your recovery. You have recorded it well!

  2. Admiring your journal pages and it is so good to see your hand progressing and those small steps recorded. It’s so easy to forget how far you are coming on


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