Saturday 12 January 2019

70 books

I came across this reading challenge website, Hotchpot Cafe.  In amongst several challenges there is one to read books that were published in the year you were born.  I thought it sounded intriguing so I looked up those books which were published in 1949.

So that's let the cat out of the bag!  Yes I will be 70 this year so I thought I would challenge myself to read 70 books off the published in 1949 list.

There are 200 books on the Goodreads list for the year so I chose the following 70.

1. 1984   George Orwell
2. The Intelligent Investor   Benjamin Graham
3. The Lottery and Other Stories   Shirley Jackson
4. The Hero With a Thousand Faces   Joseph Campbell
5. Crooked House   Agatha Christie
6. A Sand County Almanac and Sketches Here and There   Aldo Leopold
7. The Weight of Glory   C.S. Lewis
8. Arabella   Georgette Heyer
9. Selected Poems   William Carlos Williams
10. The Third Man   Graham Greene
11. The Little Sister (Philip Marlowe, #5)    Raymond Chandler
12. Sexus (The Rosy Crucifixion, #1)    Henry Miller
13. Tales from the Perilous Realm   J.R.R. Tolkien
14. Upper Fourth at Malory Towers (Malory Towers, #4)    Enid Blyton
15. Diaries, 1910-1923    Franz Kafka
16. Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret    F. Howard Taylor
17. Paroles   Jacques Prévert
18. A Short History of Decay   Emil M. Cioran
19. The Black Stallion and Satan (The Black Stallion, #5)   Walter Farley
20. To Hell and Back   Audie Murphy
21. The Emigrants (The Emigrants, #1)   Vilhelm Moberg
22. In a Dark Wood Wandering: A Novel of the Middle Ages    Hella S. Haasse
23. And Both Were Young    Madeleine L'Engle
24. The Myth of the Eternal Return or, Cosmos and History    Mircea Eliade
25. The Origins and History of Consciousness   Erich Neumann
26. Green-Eyed Monster (The Prada Plan, #3)    Ashley Antoinette
27. Brat Farrar   Josephine Tey
28. The Fuzzy Duckling   Jane Werner Watson
29. King Solomon's Ring   Konrad Lorenz
30. Jesus and the Disinherited   Howard Thurman
31. The Skin    Curzio Malaparte
32. Love and War (The Prada Plan, #4)   Ashley Antoinette
33. The Mountain of Adventure (Adventure, #5)  Enid Blyton
34. Unto a Good Land (The Emigrants, #2)    Vilhelm Moberg
35. The Important Book    Margaret Wise Brown
36. The Second Confession (Nero Wolfe, #15)    Rex Stout
37. The Historian's Craft: Reflections on the Nature and Uses of History and the Techniques and Methods of Those Who Write It.   Marc Bloch
38. Trouble in Triplicate (Nero Wolfe, #14)   Rex Stout
39. The Third Man & The Fallen Idol   Graham Greene
40. Movie Shoes (Shoes, #6)   Noel Streatfeild
41. The Sweet Science   A.J. Liebling
42. Eastern Approaches   Fitzroy MacLean
43. Men of Maize   Miguel Ángel Asturias
44. Funeral Rites   Jean Genet
45. Happy Times in Noisy Village   Astrid Lindgren
46. Miss Silver Comes to Stay (Miss Silver, #16)    Patricia Wentworth
47. A Wreath for Rivera (Roderick Alleyn, #15)    Ngaio Marsh
48. Little Boy Lost   Marghanita Laski
49. The Wooden Horse   Eric Williams
50. Kinfolk: A Novel of China (Oriental Novels of Pearl S. Buck)   Pearl S. Buck
51. Jeeves & Wooster Omnibus: The Mating Season/The Code of the Woosters/Right Ho, Jeeves (Jeeves #9,7 & 6    P G Wodehouse
52. The Thread That Runs So True   Jesse Stuart
53. Vittoria Cottage (Dering Family, #1)    D.E. Stevenson
54. My Friend Maigret (Maigret #31)    Georges Simenon
55. Tales of Deltora   Emily Rodda
56. The Little Mermaid and Other Tales    Hans Christian Andersen
57. The Portable Voltaire   Voltaire
58. The Rockingdown Mystery (Barney Mysteries, #1)    Enid Blyton
59. The Lady's Not for Burning   Christopher Fry
60. The God That Failed    Richard Crossman (Editor)
61. The Secret Seven Collection    Enid Blyton
62. Complete Poems Of Robert Frost, 1949     Robert Frost
63. Poor Man's Orange    Ruth Park
64. Killers of the Dream     Lillian E. Smith
65. The Best of Wodehouse: An Anthology    P.G. Wodehouse
66. The Wanderer    Mika Waltari
67. Brief Lives   John Aubrey
68. Coral and Brass    Holland M. Smith
69. Complete Poems    Edith Södergran
70. A Writer's Notebook     W. Somerset Maugham
71. This I Remember    Eleanor Roosevelt
72. The Bells of Nagasaki    Takashi Nagai

I actually own the Robert Frost poems so will have to start there.  When I eventually find my library ticket I'll see what books I can download and then visit the library.  I haven't been there for a while.

Here's hoping I manage to read all of them.

Thanks for joining me today.


  1. Great challenge! I'm off to check out MY birth year now. I've read 7 of yours. Somebody borrowed my Robert Frost poems years ago and never returned them. Brat Farrar is my favourite Tey book.

  2. what an interesting challenge, I love the sound of it but I am so into my current books with more unread waiting that I couldn't take it on. Good luck with finding and reading them all

  3. There are some very good books on your list -- and I know you'll enjoy discovering some of the unknowns, too. Thanks for taking part in the challenge!


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