Tuesday 29 January 2019

A Creative 2018

It's good to look back and reflect over what I have achieved in 2018.  I have such a lot on the go that I so often feel I haven't completed anything.  But I did finish some things.

Some though are from workshops like this one from Unlocking the Mystery of Creative Play.

Fragments from a Shelley Rhodes workshop.

All the things I made at a Debbie Lyddon workshop

A finished piece from a Steph Redfern workshop

Pages from A Book of Trees - an online workshop

And then there were my Traverse exhibition pieces.

 Venice Hanging

Venice Tiles

Admittedly most of the work for these last 3 pieces were done in 2017 but I'm going to claim them for 2018, because that's when they were exhibited.

I'm hoping to finish more pieces this year.  But as I said in a previous post, I really need to cut down on the number of workshops I attend.

Thanks for joining me today.


  1. Wow, what a lot of creative stuff, very envious of your workshops with Shelley and Stephanie. I have both their books but not the same.

  2. You had a productive creative year! Love the fragments. :)


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