Saturday 22 June 2019

Inkjet Printing

Last weekend I spent a day at Caroline Merrell's studio learning how to nuno felt photographs.

I had sent Caroline some black & white photos to print.

For some reason, this printed with a blue tinge on the silk.  And much of the black that had been there, washed away.  However I like it as a background.

Caroline had warned us all that this printing method was not always successful - it depends on the ink cartiridges, how long you leave the ink to cure etc.

Some washed away more than others!  This one was printed onto to hand dyed silk and the image disappeared completely.

However, before I started felting I had taken a photo of the printed silk.

Caroline had printed this one for me which also had the blue tinge.

And this is the same photo printed on silk at home.

This one was printed on cotton and looked great whilst it was wet.  However, now it's dry it's lost a lot of definition.

 This was the original photo.

 I also came home with two printed pieces of silk that I hadn't felted.

The whole point of the workshop was to experiment.  Now I have some pieces of felt to experiment on further.  I shall cut some up and stitch on them.  I may put another layer of silk organza with a print on top.

I'll let you know if I get any further.

Thanks for joining me today.


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