Tuesday 21 April 2020

Virtual Studio 2

These activities carry on from my last post.

Activity 6
Something a bit different. Look through magazines and newspapers and cut out or tear out words that jump out to you. Don't think about it or try to find a theme.

Activity 7
Take 2 of the background papers you have made - take the 2 you like least! Turn them over. On the back, draw round circular items of different sizes. Don't overlap the circles. Cut out the circles. Turn the circles over and you will see lovely little works of art. Have fun

Activity 8
Glue the circles you cut out onto one of the other papers you painted. You can stick them separately or overlap them.

Activity 9
Take the words you cut out and stick them on either the circle collage from Activity 8 or another piece of painted paper.  You could just stick down random words or try makiing up a poem with the words.

Activity 10
Use all the different activities again using a different colour scheme or with the same colours you've been using.  Now you know several techniques you could put several techniques on what sheet of paper building up layers.

Thanks for joining me today

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