Tuesday 14 July 2020

Before & After

Whenever I try to tidy up I always get to a point where everything is worse than when I started and I want to give up.  Do you get like that?

Well I have a lovely friend who is helping me to declutter.  We don't try to do a whole room (which why it always went wrong before!) we just do part of a room.  Last week we did one small cupboard and 3 drawers in the dining room.

Yesterday we did part of a bookshelf and a couple of surfaces.  Let me show you the before!

This is what people can see in the background of zoom calls!

And now the after.

There's still a lot to do but at least it's much more pleasurable to walk into the room.

How are you getting on with tidying and decluttering?

Thanks for joining me today.


  1. I like decluttering, but like you I hate the moment when it all looks worse than before! Always worth persisting though!

  2. I like the advice to do little and often. Every Monday I go through my In Tray and write a list of priorities. Two years ago I moved house downsizing and cleared out a lot of my filing cabinet as I am a paper hoarder! I have not missed anything I discarded. But maybe need to start on it again as some files are bulging.

  3. Oh, you got a "bee in your bonnet"!
    Good job.

  4. My problem is... I stsrted everywhere so it is ALL a mess now. I NEED more energy :)

  5. Yes, I’ve also learnt that small steps and areas make a difference. It’s rewarding to see what you have achieved rather than as to the overwhelm


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