Tuesday 6 October 2020

Along the coast

The weather on our second day away was horrible.  Rain and fog.  It was a beautiful day at home so that was a bit annoying.  We still went out and about.  Roger had to rethink the walk!  That was fine with me.

We drove to Hunstanton and Brancaster.  We stopped off at the RSPB reserve but decided against paying to go in as the weather was still miserable.  We continued to Wells-Next-The-Sea.

This beautiful sculpture gets flooded by the tide but sadly we only saw the North Norfolk coast with the tide out.

As it was still not brightening up we went to check in at our hotel in Burnham Market.  However when we got there the hotel had changed management and the booking agent had not sent them our booking. The young couple who had taken over the hotel are lovely and they set up a room for us.

The weather improved slightly.  As in, it stopped raining.  It was still dull but worth going back to Titchwell RSPB reserve and walking to the beach.  We saw lots of birds but we don't have a clue what we saw, apart from the gulls!

 However the beach was absolutely covered in shells and starfish

A closeup of the shell above

And a few photos of the birds on the beach.  I do love monochrome photos.

Thanks for joining me today.  Next time,  tidal creeks and a windmill.

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  1. I do love the North Norfolk coast Bernice. Enjoyed your photos.


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