Tuesday 27 October 2020

The Colours of Covid-19, 2020

I wrote this for a writers group I belong to.  It's my take on colour and may not match the purist's psychology of colours.

What colour is Covid-19? Is it red because there is danger in contracting it? Red as a warning to stay socially distant?

Red is a passionate colour. We think of hearts and Valentines. But too much red around us will make us irritable and angry. Too much Covid does that too!

What would you choose as the colour of lockdown? I think it’s grey. Any number of shades of grey (not just 50!) For some it will be dark grey leaning towards black as they drift into depression. For others life will be another shade of grey. 

Grey fog, brain fog, life that feels like a dank, dark, late November afternoon. 

The Spring and Summer have passed in glorious technicolour but in the main our lives have stayed grey.

But there’s always hope!

Hope is vibrant. Hope is yellow. The sun. A light. A candle flickering in the darkness. The pulse of the beam from a lighthouse in the night.

Yellow is optimistic and cheerful, uplifting and enthusiastic. We all need a bit of yellow. We all need hope. Hope for the future.

And when this is all over there will be blue. Not the Blues – beautiful songs as they are. But the freedom of blue.

The ocean. The sky. Freedom to meet. Freedom to travel. Freedom to hug!

Thanks for joining me today.

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