Saturday 16 January 2021


I signed up for Lisa Walton's Aurora class at the beginning of December but only started the online class last week.  Rather than dye or paint some fabric I bought some gradient fabric from The Bramble Patch.

As ever, I didn't want my work to look like the tutors so I took the principle of how to cut the fabric and made it long and narrower than Lisa's sample.  Although it is actually wider than I meant it to be.

I have made several unsuccessful attempts at photographing this fabric.  It either comes out black where it's blue or the pale bit in the middle which is a matt finish shines so brightly it's hard to tell what colour it is.  At least it's blue in this one!

Interestingly it is described as black on the Bramble Patch website.

I decided to print onto the fabric using stencils, some fabric paint and acrylic paint.

I started machine quilting.  I tried to follow the lines printed on the fabric.  I forgot to put the walking foot on but I don't think it would have made much difference.

It really doesn't look good up close.  The layers all decided to do their own thing despite the copious amount of Mistyfuse!

At this point Lisa suggests machining with thick thread in the bobbin, then some handstitching.  Currently it's going to sit in the 'I don't why I started this project' pile.

And of course there's always the option to cut it up so that I can cut out all the bits where the fabric pleated!

Thank for joining me today



  1. In all my years of sewing, I've never had a 'walking foot' - mainly because although I've done machine patchwork, the actual quilting has always been done by hand. Would you recommend getting one? (I'm hoping to do more quilting in retirement.)

    1. Hi. I'm probably not the right one to ask but I think if you going to be serious about your quilting then it is probably worth investing in a walking foot. I think it's what quilters use. I don't claim to be a quilter!

  2. I use my walking foot for most sewing. I have a spare if you wish to borrow it you are welcome.

    1. Thank you. I have a walking foot but it never occurs to me to use it. Despite it saying on Lisa's video to use one.

  3. The texture is so beautiful - I want to touch, hug, wrap up in it. I think using thicker thread to hand quilt and make the printed images turn into blossoms or leaves would look very nice. I love the way it looks like a night time ocean with waves - just gorgeous! Don't quit now, the very best work is done when things don't go as planned and you have to get more creative. It will turn into one of your favorite pieces if you let it talk to you about what it wants to be. I once heard someone say you have to let your own imagination come out to play every once in awhile just to keep it fresh. I think your quilting is playing in waves NOT 'walking' a on sandy beach.

    1. Thank you for your kind and helpful words. Your comments reminded me of some photos I have of the sunrise at Cocoa Beach.


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