Saturday 1 October 2022

Along the canal

After the PoliNations garden and the not-so-raging bull we strolled along the canal to the Roundhouse, where there was a lovely cafe. Hot choclate all round!

I had thought the Roundhouse was for stabling horses that worked on the canal.  It turns out that it was where Birmingham Corporation stabled their working horses in the early 20th century.

After we had watched lots of archive film of Birmingham we strolled along the canal back towards Snow Hill Station.

Who knew that a landlocked city had need a Harbour Master?

We wandered off the canal to a fabulous Italian restaurant on Ludgate Hill for lunch.  Then walked through St Paul's Square to the station arriving with 3 minutes to spare for a train home.


It was lovely to be out and about again.  Looking forward to sharing more adventures with you soon.

Thanks for joining me today

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