Saturday 29 October 2022

Triple Airbnb

Another day. Another Airbnb!

It was a holiday of airbnbs.  We stayed in 3 altogether.

Previously when we've gone to Australia we have visited another city or part of the country rather than go straight to Sydney.  However this time because different states had different Covid rules we just went straight to Sydney.  I booked us a great studio walking distance from Andy & Naomi's so that we had somewhere to recover from the flights without interfering with Hopper Junior life.

Andy had booked a long weekend at a cottage on a farm where we got to meet the animals - goats, sheep, lambs, chickens and a horse.

From this base we had several trips out.  We went to a place called Sofala where we spent some time in a secondhand bookshop.  The village was a rust lover's heaven!!

Sofala had been prosperous during the 1850s because gold had been found there.  Andy took the children panning for gold.  I think he probably enjoyed it more than they did!

We also visited Hill End another gold mining town.  Only a few of the buildings remain.

We also visited History Hill Museum and Mine.

The next day we went to an amazing fossil museum in Bathurst.

The next day's outing included a 4.3km walk on Peel Common.

On the way home on our last day we went for a walk at Walls Lookout.  You really needed your mountain goat certificate for parts of it, despite what the website says, so I didn't do all of it.  However the scenery was magnificent.

After going back to Ramsgate Beach for a couple of days we went off to Joadja where Andy had booked River Cottage - airbnb number 3.  I'll tell you about that in another post.

Thanks for joining me today

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