Tuesday 14 February 2023

Gel plate sessions

Continuing with the gel plate theme I chose a limited palette - you might recognise it.  I played with a stencil and a piece of plastic mat which has squiggly lines.

Interestingly I had the gel plate in a landscape position (which is unusual for me) but when it came to taking the photos, apart from the one above, I put the prints in portrait!

I had printed all the above on on mixed media paper.  The next few are on Deli paper or copy paper.

This was one of the prints I did with transparent paints - leaving each layer to dry - and then putting gel medium on top to pull the last layer.  I thought I had left it on to long so it tore - leaving paper on the gel plate.  But actually I hadn't left it long enough.

I printed back over the top to cover up all the white.

And these are with turquoise paint and just a bit too bright.  However these prints will be useful to add pops of colour on collages.

 Guess what I did next!  I cut up the prints made on mixed media paper to make concertina books. This one folds up to 10cms square.

This is a slightly smaller one and folds up to 10x8cms

I'm now in the thinking phase.  Should I stitch into it?  Should I collage other papers onto the pages?  Should I collage and stitch?

I'll let you know the outcome.

Thanks for joining me today.

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