Saturday 18 March 2023

So where was I?

Oh that's right.  I was working on Free Up Your Sketchbook with Karen Stamper in between making collages.

Although there was some collaging onto the pages.  Plus mark making with pens and pencils and Artgraf.

And in week 2 we added acrylic paint.  Only black, white and payne's grey.

This week, week 3, we had to choose one colour and collage bits of paper in that colour.

And then paint over with shades of orange plus some black and grey.

I liked being back with colour.  I deliberately chose orange as a change from turquoise.  Although you all know turquoise and orange are my go-to colours.

Thanks for joining me today


  1. I love how different these collaged pages are from your go-to themes and especially enjoy how the last two pictures appear like (I think it is) a expressionist/cubist artist’s. In particular they remind me I think of some of Van Gogh’s work with the wiggley lines in bright yellowy oranges. Noice work. Katie


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