Saturday 25 March 2023

Too many tabs open

I love this meme

And my craft space and table feel the same way when I have too many projects on the go!

As you can see, the table is covered with various projects in progress.

Before I put the gel plates away I needed to clean the one at the bottom right.  Yeates Makes recommended baby oil to clean the newspaper ink.  But I didn't have any so I tried the vegetable oil I cook with.  And it worked!

Then I took all the bits and pieces from all over the table and piled them up according to which project they belonged.  I was going to buy some plastic wallets but when I rummaged in a cupboard I found 5 that someone had given me.

I even labelled the wallets.  Woohoo.  It does help!  But it defeats the object of tidying up if they take up room on the table.  So what to do?

They all fitted into one large bag-for-life.

Well done me!

And here it is ready for the next thing!

I wonder how long this will last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for joining me today.

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