Saturday 1 April 2023

A new concertina

This week with the Free Up Your Sketchbook course we are reviewing, researching and preparing.  So I reviewed my sketchbook and there are bits I like but it's all too dark.  Karen did an interview with Debbie Mackinnon where Debbie showed the small concertina books that she makes.

Which gave me an idea!

I suspect Debbie starts with an A1 sheet of paper.  The largest I have is A2 so that's what I used.  Rather than making the book first, I started by putting pieces of masking tape on the paper, drawing lines with a grey Stabilo crayon and then scraping gesso on.  It was all very random.

When the gesso had dried I added very watered down turquoise and copper acrylic inks.

And when that was dry I added bits of collage using Gel medium as the glue.

Then I folded the paper and cut it. You can watch this video if you want to make one yourself.  I folded up the paper which makes a concertina book that is A6 size or opened out to A5 as in these photos.

Some of these double pages are lovely already.  However I will still add more layers to all of them.

Doing the mark making before the folding has meant that I have much more random layouts.  I would probably have put more effort into thinking about placement if I'd made the book first.

AND I am back in my comfort zone with the limited palette.

I'll continue to photograph my journey in this sketchbook.  Watch this space!

Thanks for joining me today.

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