Saturday 15 April 2023

More silk pages

After my last post I continued to set up the fabric collages on the silk noil 'pages'.

I started stitching the collages using threads supplied in the Inspiration Pack. I've used extended fly stitch, running stitch, whipped running stitch, seed stitch and cross stitch.

I'm showing you the pages laid out but when I assemble the book these will be folded in half.

I'm not keen on the collages on the right of the next two pages.  I think it's because I like things to be quite geometric - as in square or rectangular - whilst these two have curves.

I like these next two.

All of these are still works in progress.  I may put more stitches.  Possibly beads.  Or maybe some text.

I think I'll work on all the remaining pages first and then see what is needed before assembling the book.

Thanks for joining me today.


  1. Your work is brilliant.. so innovative. And the stitching is lovely

  2. Interestingly in comparison to you I particularly enjoy the design of your first set of pages, especially because of the curve feature I think (and the velvety wave textured piece). Also the fact an additional colour to your usual palette, in dusky pink, features, makes this work of yours nice and different to the usually solely prominent turqs and terracottas.

    I like too how the ‘Y’ shaped stitches change the overall look of a page from when it was laid out vs secured. Good choice of a variety of stitches and using them as a definite feature in and of themselves.

    1. Wow Katie, thank you for such a full critique. Really appreciated


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