Saturday 6 May 2023


Following on from adding beads to the book, I sewed the pages together.

I started on the cover.  I couldn't find any undyed silk noil so I used some that had been ice-dyed in 2019! I found some leftover painted Lutradur and cut it to size.  Then used Mistyfuse to bond the Lutradur to the silk noil.

The inside of the cover

The outside of the cover with some added embellishment bonded on.

Then it's on to assembling the book.

I stitched the pages together back-to-back. Rather than use back stitch, I used running stitch and then went back to fill in the gaps with running stitch again.

I made a cord to hold the book closed.

I had added beads to the tails of the thread I used to sew the signatures into the cover.

I am pleased to say that the book is finished.  Here's a video I did using my phone.  I May go back to using my camera to make videos.

Thanks for joining me today


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