Tuesday 21 November 2023

In the compost bin

In 2019 when I was doing my Master Practitioner course I made this dress based on - guess where - yes that's right - Venice!

I never liked the skirt and at one time I was going to redo it.  However in the end, I cut it up.  As you do!

I chopped the pieces up and tried out different ways of putting them back together

A friend suggested I put the pieces in the compost bin so that the worms would digest some of the fabric and give it a decayed look.  The two pieces were in the compost for 2 months and nothing happened.

I tried cutting into the pieces to give the worms a better opportunity to nibble.

Nothing happened, except the back had mottled staining.  Then my husband wanted to use the compost so the pieces came out.  I rinsed them through.

Last week I took them to a studio day at Littleheath Barn in the hopes that Liske would have some ideas.  She suggested I lightly painted over the bright blue parts and the metallic bits.  I did that and it's knocked it back considerably.  I then cut it the pieces into strips.  In the second photo I've turned some of the pieces over so you can see the mottling.

Now I just have to decide what to do with the pieces, other than throw them in the bin!

Thanks for joining me today

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