Saturday 25 November 2023

O Sole Mio

Do you remember the advert that used 'O Sole Mio' to advertise an ice cream?  It is from 1981 so you might not remember!  Click on the year if you don't know what I'm talking about!

Anyway, back to the fabric.  In my last post 'In the compost bin' I showed you what I had done with my Venice child's costume.

I  cut up the pieces again and using Mistyfuse and Lisa Walton's Fantastic Fusion method to make squares.

I cut up the squares again and using mistyfuse, fused them to a piece of dyed and printed cotton that I didn't like.

Then got stuck again.  As I was driving to a friend's for coffee I remembered that when I made the Venice dress my alternative 3D suggestion was to make a cone.  You can see my sketchbook from 2019 on my Containers post.  To see the cone research you need to scroll down the post.

Back to what I did!  I cut a cone shape from the collaged fabric.  Then realised I should have put a more attractive fabric on the back.  It would have been easier to do it before I cut it up!  But never mind.  I bonded the fabric onto the back.

I also machined it with preset stitches

I took the cut off pieces and added them to the cone shape with the sewing machine.  I hand sewed the join.  I remembered that I had this block of wood with a dowel rod in it that Roger had made me for a different project and hadn't used.

I painted the stand.

Back to the beginning.  The original music 'O Solo Mio' was written about Naples.  However since 1981 the song with the advert words has forever been associated with Venice.  When I put this piece into an exhibition I shall call it O Sole Mio or Just One Cornetto.

Which name would you choose?

Thanks for joining me today

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