Tuesday 12 December 2023


On Saturday I went into Birmingham to a meeting.  I took the train to the Jewellery Quarter.  I loved this sculpture outside the station.

As you walk from the station past the jewllery shops you can also see this graveyard.  Warstone Lane Cemetery.

The whole side of the building had this piece of art.

The clock tower.

After the meeting I met Roger for a very late lunch and then we walked up to the Cathedral passing these angels on the way.

The Cathedral grounds had market stalls set up.

We walked through to New Street where the German Market is held.  It was so crowded.  It was almost impossible to get to see anything or to get anywhere.  However I did mange these photos.

We walked through the Bullring shoppiing area to get to Moor Street Station and the train home.

We have never been into the Christmas market on a Saturday and I think I never will again.  We have been during the week before so I'll remember that for next time.

Thanks for joining me today

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