Saturday, 10 December 2011

10 on the 10th ~ Christmas in Birmingham

On Thursday night I went into Birmingham City Centre to meet friends and had my compact camera with me rather than the all-singing all-dancing Bridge camera so I am really pleased with what I managed to get.  Here are 10 photos from the city centre.

1 Bells on a stall at the German Market

2. Lights in New Street

3. The Christmas Tree inside the West Mall at The Bullring.  A sneaky snap as you're not supposed to take photos inside - a security risk apparently.

4. The bull with his new Christmas jumper

5.  More decorations in New Street

6. The German Market

7. The Council House and Victoria Square

8. Christmas Roundabout

9.  Roundabout outside the ICC

 10. And coming round the other side!


  1. Great photos, especially the lights

  2. I had to smile at the silvery bull - surely there is some kind of interesting metaphor going on - don't you think?

  3. It was actually a grey knitted jumper.

  4. Lovely to seee these photos of Birmingham. I visited the German Market a few years ago this has reminded me I should visit again. I like the bull dressed up in his jumper. Your photos came out well with a compact camera.

  5. Oh my this takes me back, I used to work in New Street! Its lovely to see Birmingham in all its festive glory! Had to chuckle about the bull in his woolie jumper.

  6. These are really great photos and a nice collection of what it was like to be there. I thoroughly enjoyed the visit. :o)

  7. Oh lovely photos Bernice, I feel all Christmassy now :)

  8. So lovely and Christmassy - great photos.

  9. Your photos of the lights are just beautiful, the city looks so festive. I like number 8 best although the bull in a knitted jumper is priceless!

  10. Great photos with your compact! Number 5 is gorgeous, would love to be standing on that street :)

  11. Looking like a very sparkly Brum indeed!

  12. These photos are stunning .. I must go at night now to take my own - lol x


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