Saturday 31 December 2011

One Little Word

Today many people will be thinking about their New Year's Resolutions and wondering why they don't last past the 2nd week of January!

Other people will be thinking about their One Little Word.  This is one word to give focus to the year. 

If you google One Little Word you will find a variety of websites, including:
Two Writing Teachers

Ali Edwards

Diane Marra

My One Word

I have been taking part in Ali Edward's class OLW 2011 at BPS this year.  My word for 2011 has been RESTORE as in
Freshen    recharge    recreate    refresh      regenerate     rejuvenate        repair
Renew      resuscitate         revitalise           revive       reinstate          re-establish

 And my aim was to:
Rest ~ to improve my sleep patterns

Exercise ~ with my Rosemary Conley DVD that I have used in the past
Spirituality ~ to restore my lost relationship with God

Time ~ to get dressed at an appropriate time ~ not later & later!

Order ~ to find order & routine in each day

Restoration ~ to take part in the Brave Girl course: Soul Restoration
Equilibrium ~ to find balance in all areas of life

However although I took part in the class exercises and I kept the word in the forefront of my mind (but not as often as I would have liked) I don't feel that I achieved as much as I had hoped this time last year.

And now I want to choose a word for 2012.  I've signed up for OLW2012 which starts tomorrow and it would be helpful to know what word I am going with.

Initially I was going with FOCUS.  Focusing on Faith, Fitness, Fellowship, Fun and Photography.  Cheesey I know!

However the problem with Focus for me is that I could just focus my thinking but not actually do anything!  I need a more active verb. 

I was really interested in Karen's post on her blog as she has taken the priorities she has identified in her life and set goals for each area.  SMART goals at that!  More Thoughts and Plans

So, I know what I need to do ~ once I've chosen the word (or it chooses me!)
These are the front runners:
Wholehearted: enthusiastic, unreserved, sincere, heartfelt, unconditional, total, unqualified
Action: act, deed, exploit, achievement, accomplishment, feat, stroke, battle
Achieve: attain, get, realise, accomplish, reach, do, complete, pull off
Practise: do, put into practice, live out, carry out, perform, apply, follow, observe

And which ever word I choose will need to apply to various areas of my life: Health & fitness, Faith and relationships (fellowship), Fun and Finishing projects and courses  I start.

What shall I choose?  Your thoughts are welcome.

Did you have a word for 2011?  Are you choosing a word for 2012, and if so, what is it?


  1. Some interesting thoughts there. Maybe you are being a tad harsh on yourself about this years achievements btw.

    Like you I am still contemplating my word, and find it interesting that we have some similar thoughts about 'doing' rather than 'thinking'. I am wondering about 'ACT' or 'DO' or other similar words...may have a session with the thesaurus later!

  2. I really like what you have with "practice". Practise: do, put into practice, live out, carry out, perform, apply, follow, observe. It seems it would work well with all the areas you want to focus on and it requires action on your part. My word in 2009 was "treasure" and I didn't do 2010. If I have a 2011 word it should probably be 'finish" but that doesn't quite inspire me rather intimidates me lol.

  3. I agree with Carolyn that you are being a tad harsh on yourself. I think you have done lots this year.

    I am also still contemplating my word for 2012. Mine for 2011 was ACHIEVE, which I liked and I think worked. In the past I have had FOCUS, POSITIVE. I do think doing words are good. Look forward to hearing what you eventually decide on.

  4. I like practice and wholehearted. Both focus on doing; achieve seems kindof difficult! LOL!
    My word is home, as I want to focus on things here.

  5. I actually live near the gal that created the Brave Girls Club. I hear good things about her retreats (as I have another friend that actually worked at a couple of her retreats). I do hope you get to go. It would be an experience that would totally fit in with RESTORE. Happy New Year!

  6. Happy New Year! - I would go with action its the one that would spur me on anway!

  7. Interesting post Bernice and I dont know about your past goalthis but one of the things I noticed is that as anartist you have grown this year- you have produced some fabulous work and should be proud of that (even if ti wasn't one of you goals!) I am really liking wholehearted ( I may be stealing that one myself!) giving your all to whatever you are doing. I have been cutting back and re-evaluating what is important and/or unnessesary therefore leaving only what is truly important and able to give it my all...wholehearted!

  8. Happy New Year. A Great word ... need to get my thinking cap on to choose one now.


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