Friday 30 December 2011

2011 ~ my year in art

I have taken several online courses and been to workshops this year.  I've practised known techniques and learned new ones.  Here's just a part of what I have done this year

The year began with a trip to the States.  I made this book before I went and journaled as I went along leaving spaces to add the photos when I got home.

In February I went to two workshops taught by Tim Holtz.  This is the configurations box I did at home after learning how to do one at the workshop.

All year I have belonged to an American kit Club, Scrapbooking From The Inside Out.  There is an online forum where challenges are set on a particular them each month.

During April a group of ladies on Facebook used the challenges from Creativity Bootcamp 2010 to make an art journal.

I went to Art From The Heart for a weekend workshop with Dina Wakley where we made 3 mini books.  Lovely!

She had 3 hearts was an online art journaling course with Christy Tomlinson.  We had to ask our friends and family for 3 words which described us and here is one of my pages.

This month saw me at a workshop with Anneliese Bates in Derbyshire.  This is an A5 book called 'The ABC of Me'.

Another online art course.  This time with Kirsty Wiseman.  My finished book is nothing like the instructions!

I made lots of mini books to take to the States to sell at a Ladies Evening.  Those that didn't sell are in my Etsy Shop (which needs restocking)

A new online course this month with Paulette Insall.  This was an exercise in painting with black and white on an A2 sheet of paper.  And then adding a small amount of colour.

This month I took part in the Art Every Day Challenge. And managed to complete 30 days.  It was great because each day I experimented with a technique to see which ones are really my style.

I started a course in November with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer called 30 days in Your Journal.  I used the techniques there and combined them with Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas to produce an art journal/diary. 


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