Tuesday 12 March 2024

Poetry thoughts

My lack of creativity wasn't total during January & February.  I did manage to attend some online poetry workshops.  The good thing about zoom is you can turn the camera off so the other participants don't know whether you're even there.  And certainly one of the sessions I was particularly vacant, even though I was actually in the room with computer!

For this first poem we were asked to make a list of words that go together.  For example, pencil and paper, cats & dogs, up & down, etc.

Let’s stay here. Here
where comfort lies.
Here, where my concerns
are contained and specified.
Here, where I feel safe. 

Let’s go there. There
where adventure waits.
There, where worries fade
amidst the new found space.
There, where I feel free. 

The second poem we were asked to write was about travelling solo.

What if I packed a bag
and ran away from home?
What if I leave no note or
explanation; no forwarding address
or plan of destination?
What if I turn off my phone
to enjoy the silence of a solo
retreat? Retreat to times past
when communication was simple.
What if I set out one sunny day
choosing a road to travel to
who knows where; then turning
East or West after half an hour?
What if? What if I don’t?

This third poem is an ode to make something unimportant become significant. 

Taking Out The Bins
Monday’s chore. To empty
inside bins into
a plastic sack and place it
in the grey bin. Outside
whatever the weather, ready
for Tuesday’s collection.
A simple task held lightly
by him, but seen as a love
language to her. 

Thanks for joining me today


  1. ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™Thankyou for sharing Bernice.

  2. Dr Dorothy Gibbs12 March 2024 at 10:49


  3. I really enjoy reading anything you write. I especially enjoyed the third poem. It made me think about how thankful I am that my husband does this very much appreciated task for our household. Thanks for creating and sharing.

  4. Really enjoyed these Bernice! Well done!!

  5. Christine Harding16 March 2024 at 17:04

    I do you like your poems. The first two kind on express what I’ve been feeling since my husband died. I keep telling myself it’s no good hiding away at home being miserable - there is a whole world out there full of joy and adventure, but I have to be brave and venture out to find it!


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