Saturday 15 June 2024

Satin Stitch Chains

This week I have been mostly satin stitching chain links!

In a previous post I showed you the start of the next piece in my Dancing in Fetters series.  I had used a thermofax screen to print chain links ready to stitch.

I started with the broken chains and some thin variegated thread.

In close-up these look like seagulls!

I used a solid colour Paintbox thread for these chains.

And then an Anchor 6 strand embroidery thread for the heaviest chain.  The problem with this was that there were 12 threads to push through the fabric where the needle eye was threaded.  A sore thumb and finger was the result!!

However, it was worth it to see the weight of the chain lighten and break across the 3 sets of footprints.

And so - it is finished.

I'm calling it 'Dancing into Freedom'.

Thanks for being here today

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