Saturday 1 June 2024

And it's done

Although I still have to work out how to store this piece and I may need to add some stitch to ensure the woven strips are in the right place on the chain!

However: here it is

And the next piece is underway. It is also part of the Dancing in Fetters series.  This piece is about 'dancing' out of captivity into freedom.  The white footprints on the right are freezer paper to stitch around and then pull off.  The other footprints are various dyed fabrics and bonded onto the calico. The music notes are also bonded dyed fabric.


I added the chains with acrylic paint through a thermofax screen.  I'm going to fill in the outline with satin stitch.

Another close-up

I had bonded the backing fabric to some thin wadding and machine stitched the turnings.  I bonded the front to the wadding.

Thank you for being here today.

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