Thursday 21 April 2011

A balancing act

I am really trying to keep up with the two concurrent online courses that I am doing.  To the extent that I have given up doing any other creative work while I endeavour to stay up to date and finish each day's task.  Of course, I'm on a hiding-to-nothing as we are going away this evening and although I will have internet access we are supposed to be on holiday.

I am really enjoying the Creativity Bootcamp although using one medium is very restricting.  I am sticking with it for a little while longer but I feel that next week there will be an outburst of mixed media.

Day 3
Day 3 was about disarming the creative buzzkills.   There are no new thoughts in my journaling, but it is very releasing to set the thoughts down and no longer allow them to crowd my mind.

Day 3's random word prompt was PROCESS
I did give in slightly here over the one medium.  I stamped the cogs using gesso, put a light wash of watercolour over them when they were dry, and then sprayed water colour over some cogs as masks.  I'm still not sure whether it is finished.

Day 4
We were asked to take random photographs and then analyse what we had taken.

Day 4's random word prompt was GARISH

Day 5
Today has been about music and whether I take refuge in it.

Today's random word prompt was DEPTH
I decided that as the day 4 journaling had highlighted my love of form and line I would use that to influence this artwork.

I am taking my sketchbook with me and I have prepped all the pages for the next 4 days so that I can do the journaling each day and think about the artwork and then have a catchup day on Tuesday ~ in between doing the washing!

And the second online activity: Shimelle's Beyond Blogging.   Well, you've just finished reading the homework.  Thanks for popping by.


  1. Love the little "Punch Line" at the end of the post! I was waiting for you to get round to BBFS!
    Love the art journal pages - especially the ones with the stamped-and-washed effect and the photo pages.

  2. I reckon you did good with Shimelle's homework! like your Bootcamp work too

  3. Wow, you are busy at the minute Bernice! Your art journaling is fantastic. Thanks for dropping by today and commenting on the size of my photograph :)

  4. Love it - I can see more of your journaling and it's lovely!!! :)

  5. I love your Day 3 Art Journal page! I just got an order from Dick Blick and need to get going on getting mine STARTED! (Not in CBC, but am getting started in mixed media)

  6. The photos all look fantastic the way you have presented them here! :-)

  7. Great pages, have a great time away, well done!

  8. Love all the amazing creativity here!

  9. Hi Bernice. I'm taking Shimelle's blog class with you. I really like this post. Very interesting class, and I enjoyed reading/seeing your interpretation of the prompts!

  10. Still on a roll there, aren't you Bernice?!!! LOVE your pages!!! Really good art journaling!

  11. Those cog pages are so cool, they'd make a great background to a page. I also love the brown paper on the sidebar of your blog.


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