Saturday 16 April 2011

Never mind

Sometimes the best laid plans and all that ....

I thought I'd try out some watercolour wash in the Moleskine Sketchbook in preparation for Creativity Bootcamp and although it wasn't a total disaster, I didn't like the result.  The water reacted with the finish on the page and so I needed to have a rethink.

I had a look through all the empty sketchbooks I have in order to find a suitable one.  I found one I didn't remember having (lol) which has a purple cover and is spiral bound.  It has cartridge paper in it and I shall probably glue two pages together throughout the book so it copes with the watercolour paints ~ well the wetness of the paints!

So as I'm going out all day to the Solihull Crop I thought I would get started.   Here's the Title Page.  Painted with watercolour paint and then bubblewrap pressed on while the paint dried.

Then on the next page I did a colourwash with watercolour paints and cut up the ebook for the course and stuck it in the sketchbook with some journaling.

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