Friday 1 April 2011

No fooling

I'm trying to reorganise my crafting space which is more commonly known as the dining room.   Yesterday I assembled a piece of flat pack furniture and still have another larger piece to assemble.  Actually, Roger said he would do it.

I eventually found enough room today to actually do some crafting.  Today I have started another online course called Colour Your World.   And the prompt was to make anything. But it had to be something that stretched me.   Using these coolours supplied in the SFTIO kit was certainly a stretch for me!

  I had also seen a sketch on Shimelle's blog so I thought I would use that for the basis of the layout.   And in a new burst of time efficiency (hee hee) I made the layout for one of the challenges on Scrapbooking From the Inside Out.


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  2. Love the layout - very pink! Thanks for commenting on my blog and a portrait picture will be fine - we can jiggle with the background papers on the day.

  3. Love this layout. Pink is not the obvious colour for ballooning but it works really well.


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