Wednesday 7 March 2012

Do you have to do what I say?


That was Dina Wakley's mantra over last weekend.  Dina is a great teacher and had produced this fabulous idea for a book.  The class was called 'Poetry in Motion' and took place over 3 days at Art from the Heart.

On Friday and Saturday we painted backgrounds, stencilled, used Dyan's new stencils, learned about Pan Pastels and did lots of other painty, messy, playfilled activities.  Such fun.  We were encouraged to fondle other people's work although I think we were probably quite restrained and only looked and were inspired.

On Sunday we assembled the book.  Did I get it right?  No.  Did it matter?  No!  I had listened and then put the page the wrong way round.  Not wrong! Different!  However I did add an extra sheet (which means 5 more pages to decorate).

On each day we were encouraged to dance. Not always a pretty sight!  But encouraged to move because we were making a book that moves.  I didn't completely finish at the workshop.  Had I done everything Dina had said to do?   Say it with me: "No!"

Dina had provided us with sheets of poetry which didn't really appeal to me.  (Sorry Dina).  However since I didn't have to do what Dina said, I printed out some words from songs we used to sing at church (well apart from Lord of the Dance), that were dance related.

Is the book finished?  Well it is for now because I have lots of other stuff to finish.

Will I add more stencilling and stamping to it?  Maybe. 

Did I enjoy the workshop?  Definitely.

Will I go back for more?  I really hope so.


  1. would like to look at it, didn't get chance last night what with pasta for 14 etc. (think I'll need to cook more next time!)


  2. Its Fabulous!, We did have fun! Im already looking forward to the next one!

  3. Love the book - I also love that you let your own muse speak to you. We don't have to "get it right" or "make it right". Beautiful work!

  4. I am beyond jealous! I am a huge Dina fan, and I would love to take a real live class from her. Someday I'll fly out to Arizona and do it,

  5. This looks fabulous, Bernice...and the silhouette you used is perfect. And I love the poetry you used. FAB! Always an honor to create with you.

  6. Love, love the way you made it your own Bernice. It was such a pleasure meeting with everyone there, hopefully I will be able to finish mine soon.

  7. Love this, it's so beautiful!


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