Monday 23 April 2012

heART&soul retreat

I  spent the weekend on a crafting retreat with four lovely Christian ladies, AG, AA, TC and Carolyn.

We were given A4 ring binders to keep all our weekend's work in.  So that was the first challenge since most scrapbookers use 12"x12".  Thinking & crafting in A4 (lettersize for my US friends) was a whole new experience.

On Thursday evening Carolyn challenged us to make a collage using words and pictures torn from magazines and based on 'God is Incomprehensible'.

On Friday morning we had a workshop with Anneliese.  We had asked if we could do some melt pot techniques and we made 6 ATCs based on Spring, Easter, Summer, Autumn, Christmas and Winter.

The theme for the weekend was The Character of God.  Each activity was based around one characteristic or name of God.

Carolyn introduced us to needle felting and I mad this piece based on 'God is Unchanging'.

In the evening we did a speed scrap.  This involved being given some instructions for the layout at 10 minute intervals.  I don't think mine would look much like the original sketch - it's more of a scraplift!

On Saturday TC gave us a small canvas to work on and I use 'God is Love' for my inspiration.  She had also given us a wooden cross to do something with over the weekend so I sprayed mine and then put modelling paste through a stencil to represent the 'true vine'.

In the afternoon we made cards to send to friends and I deviated from the folded cards everyone else was making and made postcards.

During the evening we did a round robin set of ATCs.  Each person started 5 cards and after 10 minutes we passed the whole set to the next person who added something.  The cards were passed to every person until the set got back to the original person.  We were allowed a further 10 minutes to finish them off.  We were then given one from each set.  It was amazing that though we had all worked totally independently how much the set of 5 cards matched.

On Sunday morning AG set up 3 activities for worship which included making a prayer bracelet.  I made one based on Psalm 23.

Our last organised session was to make a layout based on a prayer or a scripture.

TC had also organised lots of little challenges so that if you had finished the organised activity you had things to do.

I made a contents page for my folder

I made a shrink plastic bird and from another challenge I made a little tag book made from dinner money envelopes.  I stuck the shrink plastic bird on the cover.

And lastly I used up bits that were leftover from Anneliese's workshop to start this journal page.

Come back tomorrow when I'll share about where we were staying.


  1. Wow, it looks good seeing everything you did all together like that.

  2. It all looks great and a lovely record of everything done over the weekend.

  3. What a cornucopia of projects! My favorite is the needle felting piece.

  4. A busy weekend - everything looks great!

  5. How absolutely wonderful, I'd love to do something like this. BJ


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