Wednesday 18 April 2012

Still not finished

I went to Harrogate last weekend for a super weekend of getting painty at Art from the Heart with the extremely talented Dyan Reaveley.  It all started at 7.30pm on Friday evening and lasted through Saturday and until 4pm on Sunday.  Absolutely scrumptious.  And the food was good too!

The website described the weekend as follows:
There are sooooooo many mediums out in the market, how do you know what’s best to use for you. Others may recommend them to you, but you need to know if they will really suit you before you buy. This weekend we will be exploring as many art mediums and techniques as we can, so you can get a proper grasp on the situation. We will be working in an old book, which you will be able to keep as a handy reference for future art work. Mediums will include, acrylics, spray inks, Distress stains and inks, Pan pastels, Oil pastels, Inktense pencils and blocks, watercolour pencils. And you will also get to play with any new releases. All materials, lunch and snacks are provided.

What a fabulous offer!  Who could resist?  Well not me.  And please don't remind me that in my last but one post I said I wasn't going to do any more classes. 

We cut up papers  and put gesso on some.  And then played with various media just as promised.  Dyan was very strict!!! and on one sheet had to use colours we don't like to work with.  Please note I hate Shell Pink.  (sorry Ranger!)

On Saturday evening we were encourage to take our pages away and fold them ready for Sunday morning.  I took photos of the pages with my iPad in a dimly lit hotel bedroom so not particularly good views of the papers.


On Sunday we stuck all the pages together with some extra pages interleaved to make up a super book.

I stamped the lettering when I got home! And coloured them in with Glaze pens. If you let the ink dry between coats you can make it look like you've enamelled it by putting on 2 or 3 coats.

Then we set about decorating the pages and journaling and such.   The book is nowhere near finished.  It needs stamping, journaling, arty bits and anything else that comes to mind! 

In addition I might actually get round to doing the Tim Holtz 'Creative Chemistry 101' that I signed up for and stick the tags in this book so that all the techniques are together as a handy reference book.

Here are some of the pages from the book:


  1. That sounds like a wonderful weekend and the book a great resource. I still have creative chemistry to work though as well, and am now wondering about somehow making the tags and fastening them into the Compendium, maybe tied onto the binding.

  2. Very nice! have fun with CC1 too.

  3. Backgrounds that look good enough to eat!!

  4. Lovely looking backgrounds.

  5. Gave you an award hun...check my blog xx

  6. Absolutely LOOVE your pages! :) I also love your blog! You are so very talented Bernice!

  7. Hi! Let me first state the fact that you definitely managed to organize a marvelous blog. Also I want to know one thing. Do you plan to write professionally or this blog is just a kind of hobby of yours?


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