Friday 20 September 2013


On 12 Months in View today Susan has provided a great collage tutorial.

Here's how I did my page.

I found some papers - a piece of scrapbooking cardstock, two pieces of textured paper I had already done some stencilling on, some more scrapbooking paper with script on it and a piece of a map.

I put out the colours of acrylic paint to use.

I daubed paint on with a sponge and stencilled and stamped.

The papers looked a bit dark to me so I added some white.

I cut some of the papers up into strips.  I didn't measure - I cut them the width of the finger guard on my cutter!

I liked the piece with the stamped key shape so I put that in the middle and began to build up pieces around it.

Some of the pieces I took over the edge and cut them off when the glue was dry.

The trimmed page.

Where there were slivers of white from the page showing because the pieces didn't butt together properly, I smeared some orange paint with my finger.  I added some 7 Gypsies stickers.

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