Sunday 8 September 2013

The last of the Scavenger Hunt

I have taken part in Rinda's Photo Scavenger Hunt this year and you can see 12 of the items on this post.

Here are the rest.

#5: A sunset.
This is what the camera took when I used the zoom lens.

And this is what the sunset actually looked like.

#7: A sign that is intentionally funny.
I saw this in Kettlewell when we were staying at the beginning of July stuck to some entrance gates.

#9: Someone or something that is clearly out of place or doesn't belong
We had lunch in this country pub in Northamptonshire where the walls were covered in all sorts of nicknacks.  Can you see what I think is clearly out of place?

Here's a closeup to help you!  
That's right, in amongst the pretty plates and the horse brasses was a ceramic urine bottle.

#11: An animal in a zoo, aquarium, nature preserve etc.
We went for a walk in our local suburban park.  It has a very small nature reserve in it and I was amazed to see a turtle sunning itself.  He was a long way away so the photo isn't terribly good.

#15: A fire truck or police car
As we were going home from the park we drew up to some traffic lights and the fire engine came out of the fire station and right towards us, blue lights flashing!

#18: Local pub/bar, coffee house or tea shop
This pub, called The Sharmans Cross, but usually known as the Sharmans, is walking distance from my house.  However I've only been in in about four times in the last 25 years!

#19: A fisherman

#20: A dinosaur!
Look what I found lurking in the undergrowth!
Actually I borrowed them from some little boys at church!

#21: A photograph of you with an artistic tool or craft supply (you cannot substitute for this item).
This was me at the Tim Holtz workshop in Coventry last month.

Bonus #2: A person wearing an item of clothing that symbolizes your country.
We don't have a national dress for England but the English Flag and the British Union Flag do get used in fashion design.  I haven't been able to find someone wearing a Union Flag motif but I did see these shoes in Augsburg in Germany which did strike me as odd.   I could have used it for #9 I suppose.

It has been most enjoyable to do this scavenger hunt.  Thank you Rinda for hosting it.  Looking forward to next year already.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. And thanks for participating! I love the picture of you at Tim's workshop. I still need #21 and a zoo animal. The latter will require a trick out.

  2. Great shots, spotted the out of place item without the hint! Gorgeous sunset, good old zoom lens. BJ

  3. Found the out of place item - in fact, I've just found one of those in my father's house!! The Sharman's Cross pub - I, many years ago, and in a previous existence, I think, used to teach in a school called Sharman's Cross Secondary!
    Well done - great shots.
    Margaret - glitterandglue

  4. Well done! A good set of photos. I particularly like the 'no parking' notice! Have a great day, John W #17.

  5. Visiting from the Scavenger Hunt. Brilliants finds, I love the out of place item which I did spot! The sunset is gorgeous and I love the boots. Well done.

  6. Great finds... especially the urinal! lol!

  7. I did spot the urine bottle straight away, really funny photo! You have got some great scavenger hunt photos

  8. What a sunset shot when you zoomed in. There fabulous colours. I really love terrapins photograph. Andy:)

  9. Fun photos - and lucky you to be at Tim's workshop.

  10. A great set of photos and my favorite is that turtle sunning himself! :o)

  11. still laughing at the notice, especially the offer of a verbal version

  12. Nice work Bernice! You found the really hard ones too!


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